FFHM- Baja Children’s Home

Our little family recently packed up and traveled south on quite an adventure to check out a Children’s home located in Vicente Guerrero, Baja.  We had heard wonderful things about this place and we simply HAD to check it our for ourselves.  For six hours past the US/Mexico border we traveled down breathtaking coastline, through winding roads of green mountains, through dusty towns, and finally down a long dirt road to reach the Mission.  Beauty in may forms met us there.

The town of Vicente Guerrero is located in the midst of a large agricultural area.  Many of the workers in the area have no where for their small children to go when they are at work so they come to the Mission to attend preschool.  There is also a school for the orphans who live on the Mission, a medical center and a school for special needs children. Miracles lay in almost every caveat of the operation.  The Holy Spirit is upon this land and you can feel it.   A beautiful orchard that smells like the most fabulous citrus scent ever lines the property.  Macadamia nut trees produce delicious nuts that help support the mission too.

This trip for us is one I find hard putting into words when I tell people about it.  I still try. I don’t recall ever feeling God call us to do something more than when our feet left home to head south on this trip.  Like may places we’ve traveled, it has stayed with us.  To see the work of God in the flesh is always something inspiring.

In an effort to protect the children’s privacy, I have not posted any pictures of the kids below.  They are simply some shots of the grounds and some of my own goofy kids.

The link to the ministry is Here.



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