Prom Princesses | Bend, OR Portrait Photographer

My beautiful Niece recently went to prom with some friends and I became speechless behind my camera.  All I could think about was how she was just a little blondie running around asking for chocolate ice cream. (Now she is a big blondie asking for almond milk ice cream…but still…)  AND THEN I began to think about how she will be starting her life after high school in a few short years and EVERYTHING will change.  What is it about seeing a teen in a prom dress that gets you all sentimental?  Anyways, I was there and took some photos to remember the occasion.  I LOVE them.  I hope you do too.  Take a look….. IMG_7407IMG_7467IMG_74762017-04-18_0001IMG_7488IMG_7524IMG_75262017-04-18_00022017-04-18_0004IMG_7533IMG_7536IMG_7543IMG_7549IMG_7555IMG_75602017-04-18_0008IMG_75892017-04-18_00032017-04-18_00052017-04-18_00062017-04-18_00072017-04-18_0009IMG_7699


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